Here are some interactive projects, ranging from emails to websites, sitelets and landing pages, from CD-ROMS to presentations etc.

Complete site design, art direction, QC, UE and UID. The project is not live yet.

Sr. Art Director for G2, NY 2007

Spiriva Site Redesign

Site redesign for usability testing. The goal was to find an easier entry point to deeper content, and to give two entry points at the same time, one for those seeking information about the drug, one for those seeking information about the desease.

Sr. Art Director for Digitas, NY 2007

"Open Power Project" (IBM)

The OpenPower Project gives Linux users free remote access to IBM OpenPower servers to promote both Linux and the IBM POWER chips.

We created the site in four languages, as well as the complete program around the site, including launch events in 5 countries, a movie trailer for those events, online promotion, ongoing communication with the over 2000 registered users, content updates, site extensions and more countries to include.

The was integrated in 2006 into the IBM developerWorks site.

Sr. Art Director for Ogilvy Interactive NY, 01/2005 - 2006

Copy: Sela Francis
ACD: Paulo Sanna
CD: Audrey Fleisher

Priceline pitch

Instead of creating another website, we decided to pitch a small desktop app that floats above other apps and websites, gives you the full extended power of and syndicates content from other sites like

Sr. Art Director for Wunderman, NY 2003

IBM Lotus e-mail campaign

This is part of the "Mosaic Campaign," utilizing brand-specific images and hues to tie back to the offline campaign.

Copy: Elaine Chen

Sr. Art Director for Wunderman, NY 2003

IBM PCD eCatalog

This e-catalog delivered a complete interactive and customizable shop directly into the users e-mail inbox with a pretty small download size (via the mobular engine).

See almost all titles from 2003 until 2004 (9MB PDF)

Copy: Jonathan Clarke

Sr. Art Director for Wunderman, NY and Ogilvy Interactive, NY 2003 – 2004

IBM developerWorks crossbrand e-mail campaign

Copy: David Reitman

Sr. Art Director for Wunderman, NY 2003

Citi e-mail campaign to college students

Featuring an extended offer box (aka Nash-Box), detailing the steps the user has to take to do what we ask him/her to do. Copy: Jonathan Clarke.

Sr. Art Director for Wunderman, NY 2003

Citi e-mail campaign to existing MyPoints users to introduce them to a new Citi credit card

This is a hybrid design between the Citi brand and the standard MyPoints email template. Below is the landing page that belonged to it.

Sr. Art Director for Wunderman, NY 2003

Pitch for Pfizer

This site is supposed to be a content spin-off to enable users to learn more about viagra with out the "clinical" feel of Unfortunately, "it's a guy thing" was a movie title later.

Sr. Art Director for Wunderman, NY 2002

Copy: Gary Nelson

IBM TotalStorage Flash sitelet

This Flash sitelet enables users to download case studies and white papers from IBM that are specific to their business needs, and to get more information about the related products.

Sr. Art Director for Wunderman, NY 2002

IBM TotalStorage "Event in a box"

This CD-ROM enables IBM business partners to download and create event/invitation collateral material for in-house events.

Sr. Art Director for Wunderman, NY 2002

Pitch for IBM e-catalog

This is a very early interation of the e-catalog above.

Sr. Art Director for Wunderman, NY 2002

Pitch for Celebrity Cruises


Sr. Art Director for Wunderman, NY 2002

Pitch for Six Continents Rewards site redesign

Sr. Art Director for Wunderman, NY 2001

Pitch for Citibank online redesign

Sr. Art Director for Wunderman, NY 2001

Homepage/communication/information intranet for designers at Quidnunc

The IC (design) department at Quidnunc needed it's own homepage to improve communication between London, NY and SF. It contained some sort of knowledge management (Wiki) and databases for URLs, books and news in the different offices. Please email me if you like to see more of this site.

Senior Designer at Quidnunc, NY

Screen design study

This was a "just for fun project" to see how a music portal page can look clean and not overcrowded.

Senior designer

Screen design study

Millennium is a non-profit film workshop organisation in NYC. A friend of mine knew the head of Millennium and I offered to do some design studies. Unfortunately I lost somehow contact and this project was cancelled.

Senior designer, photographer

Intranet web design standards for Goldman-Sachs (PDF)

The project intention was to create a tool for the client's web development teams to help them create uniform intranet pages. We created pretty detailed information about all the standards we could think of (see TOC on the left).

Senior designer at Quidnunc

Promotional CD-ROM for Wiesner-Hager, an austrian company for office furniture

The idea of Wiesner-Hager furniture is to save money and office space by combining several functions into one piece, creating flexible work spheres and groups. This CD is a sales tool for client presentations showing the flexible, time and money saving features of Wiesner-Hager furniture.

Senior designer, freelance project for HL Studios, Erlangen, Germany

CD-ROM available upon request

Website for neTVision, a german streaming media company

The main theme of this site is "TV". So I was using everything around TV for graphical elements: test bars, screens, recorders etc.

Senior designer (graphic and implementation), freelance project for HL Studios, Erlangen, Germany

Site design for FotoQuelle, a major german photo retailer

I did this design at the very end of my brief employment at WWL. All major navigation is in sliding filmstripes at the bottom of the screen (tricky dHTML stuff). The overall design might have changed in the final release, but they kept the filmstripe navigation for some time.

Screen designer at WWL, Nürnberg, Germany

Promotional CD-ROM for Memo, a german company for alternative office supply.

WWL did a complete online shop for MEMO (before i started working for WWL). The client wanted a offline version of their website for trade fairs. The screen shown is from the animated intro featuring some of the products available online.

Screen designer at WWL, Nürnberg, Germany

CD-ROM available upon request.

Interactive CD-ROM compendium about printing techniques for designers, thesis (M.A. Communication Design) in colaboration with Thorsten Loew.

We intented to collect all our knowledge about "print" on one CD to help design students and designers if they run into problems with a specific print process. The screen shown here covers basics like color perception and the physical background of "color". We tried to make this CD-ROM as user friendly as possible. We were not using just one navigation system, we tried to keep the navigation as open as possible how the user navigates through the content by using four navigation systems simultaniously.

Designer, University for Applied Science, Faculty for Communication Design, Würzburg, Germany

CD-ROM available upon request.

Interactive school project with Lode Coen, Belgium

This was a one week project with a guest professor from Belgium. Lode Coen had worked for 10 years in silicon valley in the gaming industry. After returning to Europe he started teaching design in several EU countries. Some of the students had never touched HTML before, so it was quite a challenge for Lode teaching the priciples of the web. The main theme was "underground" and i designed the elevator, sitemap, logo and all support pages. The rest of the time I was assisting Lode teaching HTML to the others and integrating their pages into the site.

Designer (graphic and project management), University for Applied Science, Faculty for Communication Design, Würzburg, Germany

Website for the "Institut für Bagonalistik"

In colaboration with Nicolai Sarafov, chairman, founder, illustrator, philosopher, very good friend and mentor. is the virtual part of the "Institut für Bagonalistik". Unfortunatly I wasn't able to translate the site into english, this should be done within the year 2001 (but this is a very tricky task), as part of the global expansion process which was accelerated by my move from Germany to the USA.

Nicolai has currently 99 definitions what "Bago" is. If your German is good enough, feel free to read and comment.

Designer (graphic and implementation)
1996 – today

Interactive kiosk system for the Mainfranken Messe Würzburg (bi-annual trade fair) about the river "Main"

During my time working for the City Council, I was involved in 6 trade shows (1989–1999). The city has a large tent (30x45 yards) presenting Würzburg related topics (not commercial) for two weeks. The 1997 theme was the river Main. Since the whole tent was wired, we decided to place 10 infoterminals with fullscreen web browsers in the tent (embedded into wave shaped walls with a picture exhibition about the Main). The website itself covers historical stories, how the rivers has changed in the past 2000 years, flora and fauna in the river etc.

Senior designer (graphic and implementation), freelance project for the City Council of Würzburg, Germany

Sales presentation for the "Kulturspeicher" exhibition center

The "Kulturspeicher" is a storage building from 1904 at the port of Würzburg. In 1995 the city council decided to restore the unused building and to use it as a exhibition center for modern art. I was involved in this 20M project from creating presentations for investors to the design contest documentation.

Senior designer, freelance project for the City Council of Würzburg, Department for City Development, Germany

Websites for Messer Group, a major producer of technical gases

This was my first commercial web project. After spending 2 months doing freelance printwork for Fluxus, the art director finished the design for the website (in QuarkXPress unfortunately like so many other people coming from print and tasked to design for the Web) and I had another 6 weeks to implement 240 HTML pages (120 german, 120 english).

Designer (graphic and implementation), freelance project for Fluxus, Wiesbaden, Germany

Website for my design school

This was my very first website ever. It was done during a design course with Udo Schliemann "how to represent the faculty in public". The other students did stuff like posters, flags, postcards etc., but I wanted to learn how the web works. Unfortunately there was nobody at our school knowing HTML, I had to learn it by myself. But at the end of the project the site was done and I knew how to code HTML 1.0.

Designer (graphic and implementation), University for Applied Science, Faculty for Communication Design, Würzburg, Germany