Here are some examples of illustrations I did in the past:
World map for "Fragmente" and

Flash, Photoshop, Freehand

The friends and supporters of the "Institut für Bagonalistik" can be found all over the world. To show who and where they are, I did this world map for "Fragmente" (published by Nicolai Sarafov) and for, the virtuell part of the "Institut für Bagonalistik". The original size is 42 by 21 cm.


Illustration for "Fragmente," published by Nicolai Sarafov

Duplex print (green and black), about 50x21cm

This editorial illustration is called "El Zoro y Bago". It's a duplex print (green and black) and features a page turn surprise (click&wait on the illu to see it). It's made of, well, mainly of found material, but was great fun to do.

Designer, in colaboration with Nicolai Sarafov (art director)

Isometric illustration of the Congress Center Würzburg

This illustration (PDF) was part of a sales bruchure I did for the "Congress & Tourismus Zentrale". The Congress Center was the center piece of the bruchure featuring seating plans annd technical details. This was pretty hard work to do since all I had were blue prints from the architects.

Designer, freelance project in colaboration with Thorsten Loew for the City Council of Würzburg, Congress & Tourismus Zentrale, Germany

Street map for a village near Würzburg, Germany

9C silkscreen, 250x180cm, PDF

The township of Zell redesigned their streets, finishing the new bypass (yellow) and closing the old town entry on the east side (which was too small for trucks anyway). To make it easier for visitors and citizens to get used to the new traffic system, the town council gave us the job to create a new street map including the planned new housing destrict. We produced 3 large maps to be mounted at the town entries. The second smaller version was turned by 90 degrees to be used for other purposes, i.e. brochures.

Designer (design and production) in colaboration with Ulrich Kraus (project management)
1996 - today

Illustration for "Fragmente", published by Nicolai Sarafov

50x21cm 3C offset and 100x70cm inkjet

This was pretty much in the beginning of the long friendship and colaboration with Nicolai. The chapter was called "the history of jazz." We used badly xeroxed copper engraving from Nicolai's previous works and combining them with found material, photos from his archives and new drawings. The original illustration for "Fragmente" was a 3 color offset print (red, black and silver) on a yellowish paper done in Photoshop before Photoshop had layers, it's all done in channels. The large inkjet prints we did later for an exhitit at Hugendubel in Munich simulate the exact appearence from the original print. From all 7 spreads, the yellow one is my most favorite.

Designer, in colaboration with Nicolai Sarafov (art director)

Daedalus and Icarus (escaping the labyrinth of Minotaurus)

This was a one week project about digital illustration. We went to the butcher shop, bought pig brain, went back to the photo studio and took a complete series of "brain" pictures in medium format. The result was a nice poster illustrating the myth of Daedalus and Icarus.

In colaboration with Lilian Szokody